Assess Your Personal Strengths

Would you like to identify your strengths and know yourself better? Would you like to make a real contribution to your organization? Would you like to retain someone whose abilities compliment yours and are needed by your firm? If you answered yes to any of these, read on.

CliftonStrengths Provide Insight

Bolt Computer Training recommends the CliftonStrengths test, offered by This assessment offers individuals a way to determine their talents and organizations a way to develop teams and use human resources effectively. Take an online test to identify which of 34 themes are our strengths, in ranked order. Then work to your strengths. Bolt Computer Training facilitates CliftonStrengths testing and interpretation, especially for our job seekers.


Susan Boltinghouse is our resident expert. Look at her strengths. This provides an introduction to how the inventory works, and also importantly may give you insight into the capabilities Susan and Bolt Computer Training could provide to you or your organization.

Susan’s top ten themes are shown below. Susan’s analytical talents, combined with her relentless input and learner themes make her well suited to obtain knowledge to use as a top notch consultant. She is ready to research and analyze your project and achieve great results. Susan’s theme are concentrated in the executing and strategic thinking domains. In case you were wondering, these bars show the percentage of individuals who don’t have each of these particular themes in their top five – to show Susan’s relative strength. To learn more, visit the Gallup Strengths Center website.

  • Input
  • Learner
  • Analytical
  • Responsibility
  • Achiever
  • Ideation
  • Context
  • Strategic
  • Focus
  • Intellection