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Microsoft Office Training Specialists

Microsoft Office is the world’s leading business productivity tool. Use it well and you will elevate your business. Bolt Computer Training provides customized training and we understand office software and business workflow. We can look at your organization, meet your staff, identify your software tools, and learn your goals. We’ll then patiently train your people in Microsoft Office. We’ll incorporate actual work files and tasks identical to those they actually need to complete on a regular basis. We’ll identify areas for collaboration and even propose additional software tools, all of which may transform your workplace.

Business Staff Office Training

Ensure your staff has the training they need. Also, provide support for your remote or field workers.

Support Your Staff

Don’t send staff off to a cookie-cutter computer lecture. Don’t wait for internal IT support to provide training. Use a resource that prioritizes and customizes software training for your firm. Also, support your remote or field workers with the readily available help.

Trainer Onsite Hours

We provide custom training in the Microsoft Office Suite Applications to your staff at your site with a flexible “The Trainer Is In” setting.

Customize Your Team Training

Your entire staff is like a baseball team. Each person has and applies different skills. Customize their Office training and don’t forget to train your better players. Ensure your team can work together. Receive frequent steady training to learn progressively more challenging material and obtain better results and feedback. Our Trainer Onsite Hours can be scheduled in a snap and implemented within days to start making a difference RIGHT NOW. It also has the least impact on employees work schedules.

Office Productivity Consulting

Ensure your business files are well designed so that your workflow is efficient and your office is productive.

Rethink Your Office Files

Your information is your business, keep your data accurate, complete and able to be analyzed. Streamline your processes. Revisit systems that grew organically from small separate efforts and design those that make sense today for what you plan to achieve tomorrow.

Power Users Advanced Training

Provide your power users with the advanced training they deserve.

Provide the Best with the Best

You most productive staff time may be the most valuable asset your organization has. Save them time and save yourself money. Don’t distract them from their core competencies to work out uncharted software for the first time. Let a pro who has years of experience with the steps lead the way. Help your stars be even brighter!

Return on Investment

Maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). Save your staff time – save money. How many hours per day is your team buried in email? What happens if you miscalculate a customer total? Where is that past client report?

Here are four straightforward Microsoft Office task examples.  Can your staff do them all?


Find all the emails from the past fiscal year related to the “Smith Account.” Place them in one folder, add any new ones sent for the remainder of the week, and forward them all to your manager on Friday afternoon.

Bolt Time: Under 15 minutes


Keep your important data in an Excel normalized table. Sort & Filter this data to, e.g., find all of our orders for Super Product #1 that you shipped to Oregon in the first quarter of 2018.

Bolt Time: Variable time for data setup. Under 2 minutes for data lookup.


A new customer asks for a proposal which combines elements of four past documents. Use Word’s text editing, formatting, styles and themes to create this document to incorporate the past information but look consistent, great and be ready to submit by close of business today.

Bolt Time: Of course depends on size and detail. From 30 minutes to three hours.


Quickly make a slightly large spreadsheet attractively fit on one printed page or a lengthy spreadsheet fit on half as many printed pages.

Bolt Time: Under 5 minutes


Review a past PowerPoint presentation to repeat a talk you gave six months ago.

Bolt Time: The duration of the PowerPoint presentation – by listening to your own narration you recorded six months ago.


There are so many more examples. Contact us with your requests.

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