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We Listen – You Learn!

Computer Training has developed a successful methodology to provide our clients with an advantageous learning environment and the most effective style to master computer technology topics. We determine needed skills, listen, teach mastery, and follow-up.

Let Us Know Your Goals

Articulate your goals, even if you’re not sure what software tools you need to get there. We can help you get started. We can help with computer setup and customization, how to approach a project or hobby, and how to select the best software to perform a task. It might be from Microsoft, Google, Adobe, or Apple, or your own project specific software. (Even if we haven’t used these ourselves before, we’re just really good at figuring them out.)

Obtain the personal satisfaction you deserve as you learn the skills that help you reach your goals.


We identify the critical skills needed to be productive, creative, and connected using today’s  software. We keep abreast of the latest trends and constantly update the training to incorporate new methods, software, and resources. We know what to learn, a logical order in which to approach each successive topic, synergies between skills, and finally, how to learn.


We listen and carefully consider the situation of each client and what he or she would like to accomplish. Our experience working with people of all ages and skill levels allows us to anticipate obstacles, overcome limitations, and identify areas for growth and success.


We use mastery learning with hands-on techniques. Each student engages with the material during our sessions on optimized equipment, usually a laptop, and demonstrates mastery of the concepts before moving on to the next topic. We don’t let anyone get lost in the material and know that by breaking down the steps and learning each one before going on to the next allows each student to mastery even complex topics.


Students must practice and review the material soon after the training. We provide homework and study materials or incorporate current work tasks to allow for practice opportunities. We usually schedule follow-on sessions to follow-up and make sure all the students’ questions are addressed. Ultimately, we celebrate our clients’ independent application of the training directly to their objectives as the new material becomes part of their expanded skill set.