Select the Best Format for You

  • One-on-one software training sessions

  • Small group training – great for project teams

  • Online video based training

  • Learn with a Friend

Learn With A Friend

Enjoy the camaraderie of training with a friend. You can support each other. This is a fantastic way to learn many topics in a very cost effective manner.

What to Expect From Your Training Session


Bring your laptop (if you have one) and smartphone to your sessions.

Bring sample electronic files from your work if that is allowed

You will meet your trainer and after brief introductions, get started.

You and your trainer will demonstrate to each other the new techniques and concepts.

The training time is packed with information, with a short break.

At the end of the session, you will be assigned homework.

Schedule two hours sometime in next 48 hours for review.

Plan on spending another hour applying your new understanding to your project

Bring all your homework, devices and materials to any follow-on sessions

We will answer any questions and describe the next steps for your work.

We’ll recommend additional training.

When you complete training, you will be have the confidence to use the skills you have learned and to get your projects done right.


Please submit the following form and we will contact you soon. Thanks!