In-Home Office Troubleshooting Help is Here

Have your own Home Office, but not your own Home Office Information Technology (IT) staff? Now, if you live in Greater Long Beach, you could. Don’t be frustrated with common computer error messages and setup issues. We’ll help. For tougher issues, we’ll diagnosis the situation and refer you to a provider from our team of IT partners. Once your computer is up and running the way you would like, we’ll show you many more great tools and fun things you can be working on and enjoying.

Want Computer Purchase Advice and Setup Help?

Want a new computer, but don’t know where to begin? We can help. We offer independent, money saving and headache saving advice for computer purchases. We can also weigh in on smartphones, printers, scanners and other electronics. Don’t buy the wrong computer and then call us for training. Call us first, for the purchase advice, expert and patient setup, and training.

End the frustration! It’s worth it. You now have a local technology resource that can assist you.

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