“The beginning is the half of every action.” – Greek Proverb

Implement Your Important Projects

If you have projects that you need help with, be they for your business, non-profit, church, team, fundraiser or other event, let us know. We’ve helped clients who have written books, started businesses, run fundraisers, led discussion groups, created videos and more.  We offer software recommendations, tools, possibly staff, and, of course, computer training for most projects.

For Creative Types

Graphics and Photographs

Learn software which will allow you to express yourself. On the Microsoft side, this may involve PowerPoint, Publisher, and OneNote. Learn to produce creative objects and text, handle graphics, organize photographs, and seamlessly incorporate web based images, graphics, and video. At the completion of your training, you’ll have creative work and your completed project.

For anyone with photographs, we can advise you on photo scanning, storage, retrieval and backup options, basic photo editing, and easy slideshow creation tips.

For photographers, Our digital photography specialist can provide you with training for your Adobe projects.

Our skilled Apple specialist can provide you with training for your MacOS or iOS projects.

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