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What requirement comes up on just about every job posting?  – computer skills. Would you call your software skills “rusty?” Want to put your best foot forward when you start a new job? – be prepared. Learn the latest in Microsoft Office technology and you’ll be hired for the best job you could have envisioned. Take our courses, especially Microsoft Office Suite Job Essentials (see below).


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Office 365
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Microsoft Office Suite Job Essentials

Learn the most relevant topics from Windows, Word, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook for your office job. Train either individually or in small collaborative teams to see how the applications work so well together. 

These are the component applications we will cover.

At the end of the course, you will have created a large set of work files which either mimic or accomplish actual work objectives for your organization. You will have experience with sharing and working on common files in a modern collaborative work environment. You will be ready for that new job!


Microsoft Word

Learn to edit text, manage files, print, format text and documents, preserve formats using styles and templates, set up longer documents, include objects, and collaborate.

Microsoft Excel

Learn to conveniently enter, edit and view data, understand, create, and enter formulas, design spreadsheets, format, print, work with larger worksheets and workbooks, use charts, and sort and filter.

Microsoft Outlook

Learn to maintain and organize your emails and contacts, view your information efficiently, and use the task features.

Microsoft OneNote

Learn to create notebooks and organize sections, and edit pages. Multiple item types will be included on the pages. A sample notebook will be used for the class. 

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Bolt is proud of the job seekers who have sought out our training and have improved themselves. Keep up the great work for yourself and that new employer.

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Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

For those of you who really want to take your job related Microsoft Office instruction to the highest level, train with us to become a Microsoft Office Certified Specialist. This certification will reward you for your hard work, quantify your high level of skill and look great on any resume.

Have a specific application or task you would like to learn that you don’t see here?

Ask us. We are often able to assist you with using your company or industry specific software applications. We would act as your tutor.

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