“Ubiquitous does not mean easy” – local computer trainer šŸ˜Š

You spent a lot of money on your smartphone – spend a little time learning how to do more with it.

Bolt Computer Training provides customized training for all of your technology needs including using your smartphone better. We offer patient smartphone training for all ability levels.

Basic Settings

Adjust your phone settings and organize your screens. Call, text and share conversations and photos with friends. Setup important accounts such as Google/Gmail and Email.

Search and Shop

Find anything on the Internet. Shop online and receive products at your door. Find your way anywhere with Maps. Search your neighborhood.

Manage Your Photos

Get more out of your awesome cameras. Organize photos and files for now and forever.

More Settings and Organization

Maintain a calendar. Fix technical glitches as your phone reaches storage limits or ages. Use your phone for notes, files, and productivity. Coordinate your phone and your computer.

Enhance Your Life

Use health and fitness apps, sensors and equipment. Listen to music. Find out about the latest apps. Express Yourself!

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